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I was tagged by Joeywaii XD

1.) What zodiac sign are you? Cancer, yes, cancer of the head
2.) Any quirks you had as a baby? I was the first baby to walk out of a multitude of babies who were bron around the same time as me by family and friends of my mums so whenever there was something tasteh aroudn supposedly I would grab it and run away with it, leaving a trail of crawling babies following behind me.
3.) Did you have a special toy or blanket you liked to sleep with? I had Patience, a cabbage patch doll whom I loved, she's now gone *hangs head*
4.) Do you know what your first word was? Dad

5.) What was your first day at school like? Supposedly I was so excited about starting school that I ran through the class room door before my mum could even hug me goodbye.
6.) What did you want to be growing up? I told my parents when I was 6 that I wanted to be a doctor on rare and contagious diseases.
7.) Were you one of the loud kids, or the quiet one? I was a polite kid supposedly.
8.) What were some of the craziest things you did as a child? Um, mostly things that ended with me hurting myself, fell through a glass cabinet, fell off a jungle gym thingy, got bucked off a horse, got tangled in barb wire, stuck my finger in one of those spinning saw things... It surprising that I'm still alive today!

Teenage Years:
9.) What clique were you usually in? Prep, goth, nerd, etc.? I tended to be very chamealionic, I went from group to group, I was fairly popular but I was also known for being very smart, hence why everyone would try to sit next to me in class, eventually I became the know-it-all lounge about who never actually tried.
10.) What was your least favourite class in school? Overall Math, though I didnt do it in year 11 or 12
11.) Did you ever write poetry to express your feelings? Yes, sad as it is, I can admit that I went through my emo poetry stage, although I was commended for it in English by my teachers, that's when they started noticing that I could write.
12.) Did you go to school dances and prom? I didnt go to my year 10 formal as I thought it a waste of time, energy and funds considering I was going to be at school for my 12th, and I was, and I went.  

DA Related:
26.) Traditional or digital media? Traditional
27.) Are you a fandom artist or original artist? I'm trying to work my way through to the original stage but I find it quite difficult.
28.) How did you get started in drawing?I dont know, I probably started when I ws about14 and have lazily been improving since then.
29.) What are you good at drawing/writing? I dont think I'm particularly good at drawing ANYTHING, but what I'm best at it womens faces. And I'm best at writing highly descriptive, morbid things, like describing the inside of a mental facility or the way a person is decapitated.
30.) What are you bad at drawing/writing? I'm bad at drawing most things, especially animals and I'm worse at writing 'Hating Alison Ashley' style.

Random Questions:
13.) Ever dye your hair weird colours or wanted to? I died my hair a blue black once but mostly I stick to red.
14.) Did/do you have any pets? I own a cat called Jamie
15.) How many places have you lived? Um.. Let me count.. About 9 houses.
16.) Where do you want to live? England, if all goes to plan I'll be moving there next year!
17.) Describe your dream house? Big, with about 5 bedrooms, a big kitchen, an ensuite, a jacussi, a beautiful garden, but close enough to city life that I dont go INSANE!!!
18.) Marriage for you? Yes, I really look forward to getting married one day, I'm not in any rush though!
19.) Religious? Through my years of having Cathlocism forced down my throat I've come to lose any faith in Christianity but I do see aspects of truth in other religions, I believe in Karma for instance, and paganisms idea of love for yourself.
20.) Would you most likely be my partner in crime or my conscience? It depends on what you were doing, small stuff, probably in crime, big stuff, in conscience
21.) Jazz-Funk fusion or Electro-Punk? This question sounds very Boosh-esque to me! Electro-Pop I say!!!
22.) Gen, Het, or Slash? Anything well written, but I mostly turn to slash!
23.) Ever drink Bailey's from a shoe? I dont drink Baileys, I'm allergic to alcohol and milk!
24.) Do you dump or get dumped? I have been the dumper more the the one dumped. But I highly doubt that any dumping will be going on in my relationship!
25.) Do you have deep opinions or do you listen to both sides of the argument? I have to admit that I do have very deep opinions, but I do listen to other peoples sides but once I do, I break down there argument into segments that I have rebuttle for and obliterate their arguments, usually.


1. Post 10 random facts about the person who tagged you.
2. Tags should be in a journal/ blog.
3. At the end of the post, state 4 people who you would like to tag and name them.
4. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.


1. Likes to sniff things
2. Usually sleeps in rather late XD
3. Dances a shmexy dance to 'Dance Commander'
4. Draws really yummy slash and pr0ns ><
5. Loveses Lyss a bajillion!
6. DMs awesome campaigns!
7. Likes deh wine a cheese!!
8. Mostly speaks to me in quotes and inside jokes!
9. Likes cake
10. Lives in my handbag ^^


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